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RF Eclipse Limited

30 May 2018


Eclipse receives approval from ASIC to cancel Australian Credit Licence 238546 (ACL)

On 4 May 2018 Eclipse made an application to ASIC to cancel its ACL. The application was accepted by ASIC and the ACL was cancelled on 30 May 2018.

The request to cancel the ACL is in accordance with Eclipse’s business strategy and investment objective to provide mortgage investments that are not regulated under the National Credit Code.

Eclipse continues to hold Australian Financial Services Licence 238546.


The Eclipse Prudent Mortgage Fund (Fund) (ARSN 099 994 326) is an Australian managed investment scheme registered under the Corporations Act 2001. The Fund is a contributory mortgage fund and not a pooled fund.

Eclipse Prudent Mortgage Corporation Limited (ACN 089 265 270 and AFSL 238 546) (Eclipse) is the responsible entity, custodian and investment manager (Responsible Entity) (Custodian) (Investment Manager) of the Fund and the issuer of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), dated 6 October 2017. 

RF Eclipse Limited is a leading alternative lending platform to the real estate market specialising in financing for commercial, retail, industrial and residential developments and investments across the east coast of Australia.

The Fund was established in 1999 and since inception has originated over $1 billion in commercial mortgages from established networks. 

The Fund has and exceptional track record through two decades of economic cycles and currently has approximately $165 million funds under management secured by first ranking mortgages.

Eclipse was acquired by RF Capital in June 2016. RF Capital is an alternative asset manager with global capabilities in real estate, credit, hedge fund management and hedge fund advisory across Australia, UK/Europe and the Middle East. 


RF Eclipse Limited offers: 

•Investment capabilities of RF Capital, an alternative asset manager with a real estate pedigree

•Access to in-house real estate market research and construction capability

•Extensive referral network with independent originators and brokers

•Prudent credit assessment to protect and enhance investor capital

•High yield products with low volatility, a strong risk-return profile and appropriate security

•Personalised service for investors and borrowers



Borrowers can apply for a mortgage loan for business or investment purposes with a fixed interest rate secured by commercial, residential or rural properties.

RF Eclipse Limited offers quick approvals, straight forward and streamlined procedures and moderate interest rates.

For further information on our loans go to Borrowers and complete our Application Form or send us an initial enquiry here.


Investors have the opportunity to review, consider and choose the individual type of security and interest rate for their investment.

For further information on investing with RF Eclipse Limited, please go to Investors or download a copy of our Product Disclosure Statement.


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